These tutorials are listed (roughly) in order of difficulty (but feel free to try anything you think looks interesting!).

MadeWithCode hosts tons of simple beginner projects you can build using blocks.

Create an emoji

Water the plants

Make a GIF

Code a beat

Design a Dress

Code a Collage

Inspire Others

See all projects! has lots of intro-to-coding activities with fun themes!

(Awesome bonus: all of these activities will run on a mobile device like a phone or tablet!)

Minecraft Adventure

Flappy Game

Star Wars Puzzles

Skate Snowflakes

Fun with Coding

Sports Game

Wayfind with Moana

Code the Artist

Want to go beyond an hour? Talk to Eileen about how to keep going with!

Scratch is an amazing platform for creating games, animations, and much more!

Getting Started

Animate your Name

Build a Band

Make Something Fly!

Create a Pong Game

Create a Racing Game

Create a Dressup Game

All beginner projects!

Ready for more Scratch? RPi ProjectsCS First, and Invent with Scratch have TONS of choices!

The Scratch foundation also has a free curriculum available in many different languages. There are free online courses available through Pluralsight and edX, and the Scratch Wiki can be a fantastic resource!