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Computer Activities

Use this guide to help you find coding resources!

Kodable is full of adorable fuzzballs giving you wordless puzzles to solve. 

Ask Eileen to help you get a username! juniors.png

On, there is a whole series of fun coding puzzles for prereaders.
Ask Eileen to help you get a username!


Lego Bits and Bricks lets you practice your coding skills with some of your favorite toys! 

An adult may need to read the story, but the coding parts use only symbols.

Lightbot gives little fingers an hour of coding puzzles to solve. It teaches some impressive computing concepts with very little reading!

With Monster Maker, you can use drag-and-drop blocks to write your own programs, learn about sequence and ordering, and create fun monster characters!

Mystery Island Coding Quest lets you create a monster and then code adventures for it!

There is some text, but the computer can read it aloud to you.

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