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Got the basics down? Try one of these as a next step.

Codesters is a sweet tool for helping you bridge from Scratch to Python - it looks similar to Scratch, but when you click on a block, a line of text appears in the script area. Give it a shot with one of these tutorial activities!

Water the plants

Make a GIF

Code a beat

Design a Dress

Code a Collage

Inspire Others

See all projects!

Hack a 2D Minecraft- like game in Python

Python is a language that is easy to read but used by professional developers. Try one of these fun activities for starting with Python - the top row is blocks-based activities, and the bottom row requires mostly typing.

Learn Python by giving directions to a turtle!

Code an artist to draw pictures

Tell jokes set in outer space

Other Python tutorials from Trinket

Other activities from Grok Learning

Teach a Computer

to Count

Create a winter greeting card

Ready for more? Try this book about games!

Scratch is an amazing platform for creating games, animations, and much more!

Getting Started

Animate your Name

Build a Band

Make Something Fly!

Create a Pong Game

Create a Racing Game

Create a Dressup Game

See all projects!

Ready for more Scratch tutorials? CodeClub, CS First, and Invent with Scratch have TONS of great choices!

The Scratch foundation also has a free curriculum available in many different languages, and there are free online courses available through Pluralsight and edX, and the Scratch Wiki can be a fantastic resource!

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