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Coding: Where do I start? What comes next?

If you're new to this, stuck in a coding rut, or need a different challenge, this guide can help you find a new idea! It's like a choose-your-own adventure story - look for the category that sounds like you, then choose an option that grabs your eye.

I've got a robot or other what?

How fun! Click on the tool you've got, and go nuts.



I'm new to coding and I'm not a good reader yet.

Here are some of our favorite low-reading interactive tutorials!


no read


I'm new to coding, and I'm a good reader, but I don't want to type.

These tutorials all use drag-and-drop blocks instead of typing - they're a great way to get started!



I've done some Scratch, and now I want to try something else with blocks!

Lots of other languages use blocks - try one of these!

more blocks

I want to make an app.

Here are several different options for different platforms and levels of coding experience. There are pros and cons to each - if you're not sure which one would work best for you, just ask!


I don't want to create my own project - I want to hack someone else's!

Try one of these, or ask about hacking the Python games on one of our Raspberry Pi computers!


I want to try a typing language with a quick tutorial.

Here's an eclectic assortment of tutorials for coding with your keyboard. Feel free to choose one either by picking a language you're curious about, or choosing the project you find most interesting - it's hard to go wrong!


I want to stick with a typing language for a while.

Here's an assortment of online classes and extended programs for coding with your keyboard - if you've tried a quick tutorial and are ready to dive into a language in more depth, try one of these! (Note that for most of these, you'll need to create an account to save your progress).


I need some puzzles to solve!

Whether you're looking for a challenge in a language you already know, or you need a way to learn a new language, solving puzzles can be a great way to go! Here are some puzzles you can tackle in any language.


I need to edit an image and/or model.

When you're creating your own projects, you need to be able to make assets. Here are some of our favorite free tools!


I want to learn about how computers work, not about coding.

Cool! Here's a video tour of the inside of a computer, and two pencil-and-paper activities that will teach you a computer concept. (Plus, they're fun!)

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