Coding: Where do I start? What comes next?

If you're new to this, stuck in a coding rut, or need a different challenge, this guide can help you find a new idea! It's like a choose-your-own adventure story - look for the category that sounds like you, then choose an option that grabs your eye.

I've got a robot or other what?

How fun! Click on the tool you've got, and go nuts.


Tablet + Blue-Bot
If you have an iPad or Android tablet, download the app to try with our friendly robot!
Ozobot can do more than follow a path on paper - it can be coded with blocks!
Explore MicroBit!
Tiny computer featuring a grid of lights and sensors, and can be programmed in a web browser!
Circuit Playground
Ten lights times a dozen sensors equals magic! Jump in and play with electronics.
Jewelbots: wearable fun!
Program a codable friendship bracelet to light up, buzz, and more!
NeoPixels light it up!
Program a strip or ring
of LEDs with Arduino!
Build a computer!
This link: setting up a RaspberryPi. Next link: what to do with it!
More RaspberryPi fun!
Learn how to navigate Linux, then code some flashing lights!
Create Android apps!
Android phone or tablet? Writing apps is easier than you think!
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I'm new to coding and I'm not a good reader yet.

Here are some of our favorite low-reading interactive tutorials!


Lost Fuzzballs
Help the Fuzzballs roll home - no reading! (Ask Eileen to add your name.)
Code in Space
Solve puzzles set in space (no reading!)
Mystery Monsters
Create monsters and more on Mystery Island!
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I'm new to coding, and I'm a good reader, but I don't want to type.

These tutorials all use drag-and-drop blocks instead of typing - they're a great way to get started!


Flappy game
Create your own version of the classic game!
Fun with Droids
Build your own Star Wars-themed game!
Explore Minecraft
Help Steve or Alex navigate the world, or program characters and animals (two versions - try either!)
Animate your name!
Give each letter its own special effect!
Make it fly!
Program a character to fly using Scratch!
Wayfind with Moana
Code Moana to explore, dance, catch fish, and more!
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I've done some Scratch, and now I want to try something else with blocks!

Lots of other languages use blocks - try one of these!

Gamefroot: Advanced Games
Ready to make bigger games than you could with Scratch? Try this!
Stencyl: Advanced Games
Another tool for bigger games; still uses blocks. (requires download)
Create worlds with Alice
Switch between blocks and text to create a 3D world! (requires download)
Bridge your way from Scratch to Python!
Pencil Code
Switch back and forth between blocks and text!
Create a downloadable Android app! AppLab
Create a web app you can test on an Android or iOS device!
Beetle Blocks
Scratch-like blocks let you code in 3D!
3D Model with BlocksCAD
Another awesome tool for using code to make 3D objects.
Try Snap!
Advance your skills with Scratch's more powerful cousin, Snap!
Code with GP Blocks
Scratch-like language especially good at making image filters and editing sounds.
Ozobot doesn't JUST follow paths on paper - you can also program it with blocks!
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I want to make an app.

Here are several different options for different platforms and levels of coding experience. There are pros and cons to each - if you're not sure which one would work best for you, just ask! AppLab
Create a web app you can test on an Android or iOS device!
Create a downloadable Android app!
Build iOS apps in browser
Thunkable makes blocks-based, in-browser iOS apps possible! Try it!
Building your first Android App
Official tutorial from Android - recommended for coders with some experience.
Your First Android App
Another option for getting started with Android -
assumes no knowledge.
Android Development Videos
If learning from videos rather than written tutorials is your style, check out Android Development for Absolute Beginners!
Udacity iOS/Swift Intro
Create your first iOS app with a free course!
App Development with Swift
Long and intense course through Apple Education. Not for the faint of heart.
Create VR apps
Use Unity plus Android studio to create a simple virtual environment - no experience needed!
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I don't want to create my own project - I want to hack someone else's!

Try one of these, or ask about hacking the Python games on one of our Raspberry Pi computers!

Hack Flappy Bird
Use Scratch to make this classic game less frustrating!
Hacking Websites
Look at websites and edit their HTML code!
Hacking Mario
Use Javascript to edit the code that runs Super Mario!
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I want to try a typing language with a quick tutorial.

Here's an eclectic assortment of tutorials for coding with your keyboard. Feel free to choose one either by picking a language you're curious about, or choosing the project you find most interesting - it's hard to go wrong!

Create 3D Worlds
Use Javascript to create space ship simulations!
JavaScript Art
Get a taste of JavaScript by coding colors and drawings!
Code a character
Use HTML/CSS/Javascript to create an avatar!
Build a Chatbot
Use Python to program a conversation!
Holiday Cards
Try Python by building a card to send to friends!
Learn how to encode and decode secret messages in Python!
Digital postcard
Use HTML and CSS to create a postcard to share!
Make a web page
Try HTML and CSS to build a website!
Intro to Databases
Get a taste of how we keep track of data with SQL!
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I want to stick with a typing language for a while.

Here's an assortment of online classes and extended programs for coding with your keyboard - if you've tried a quick tutorial and are ready to dive into a language in more depth, try one of these! (Note that for most of these, you'll need to create an account to save your progress).

Dig into Javascript, Python, Lua, or Coffeescript by fighting battles!
Interactive Java, Ruby, Python, Github, and web courses!
Free Code Camp
Learn front and back end development of web apps through interactive tutorials.
Flatiron School
Learn Javascript and Ruby on Rails with interactive tutorials!
Invent with Python
Make games, automate life, or hack stuff with a free e-book!
Make music!
Learn to live code beats and tunes with Sonic Pi! (requires download)
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I need some puzzles to solve!

Whether you're looking for a challenge in a language you already know, or you need a way to learn a new language, solving puzzles can be a great way to go! Here are some puzzles you can tackle in any language.

Codecademy Weekly Challenge
Try some technical interview challenges: easy, medium, and hard difficulties!
Project Euler
Compete against your friends with challenges you can solve in any language!
Rosetta Code
Help create examples of specific programs in different languages!
Solve puzzles in your choice of languages (less tutorial, more self-taught through research).
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I need to edit an image and/or model.

When you're creating your own projects, you need to be able to make assets. Here are some of our favorite free tools!

Another free, in-browser photo editor.
In-browser image editor - great for removing backgrounds or combining pictures!
Remove Image Backgrounds
Here's a quick and easy tutorial for using Pixlr to turn images into useful characters!
Sculpt 3D models in your web browser!
VERY powerful 3D model editor (has to be downloaded)
Pixel Art and Sprites
Piskel is a free, in-browser tool for creating animated sprites and other pixel art.
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I want to learn about how computers work, not about coding.

Cool! Here's a video tour of the inside of a computer, and two pencil-and-paper activities that will teach you a computer concept. (Plus, they're fun!)

Hiding things in Code
Create secret images or messages with zeroes and ones!
How do computers work?
This four-minute animated video gives you a guided tour!
Mind Reading Trick
Use the way computers fix errors to make someone think you can read minds!
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How do computers work?

This four-minute animated video gives you a guided tour!

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