Hacks, Tricks, and Pranks

In the spirit of April Fools' Day, here is a collection of ideas for computer-related pranks and tricks, plus tutorials for how to hack existing games. Breaking things and playing tricks isn't just fun - it can be a fantastic way to learn something new!


Programming not required

These tutorials will give you a fun trick to try with someone else. They're each based on something about how computers work, but they don't require you to do any programming. 


Hiding things in Code
Create secret images or messages with zeroes and ones!
Mind Reading Trick
Use the way computers fix errors to make someone think you can read minds!
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Hacking Other People's Code

Computers speak a lot of different languages. Learning a new one well enough to create something for yourself takes a lot of time...but you don't need to be an expert at a language to hack something that someone else wrote!


Tutorials for more experienced coders/hackers


Hack Flappy Bird
Use Scratch to make this classic game less frustrating!
Hacking Websites
Look at any website and edit its HTML code!
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Hacking Mario
Use Javascript to edit the code that runs Super Mario!
Save a space flight
This 3D space mission is doomed...unless you hack its Javascript to save it!
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Tutorials for newer coders/hackers


Programming Pranks

There are other devious ways to use coding besides hacking - here are two fun ideas!


Learn how to hide & crack secret messages in Python!
Apps for Evil
Even a basic apps can play pranks. Get started with Android apps by making something sneaky!
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