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Create an App

Which tool should you use? It depends on what device you want your app to run on. Check with a mentor if you need help!

AppInventor is our favorite tool for making Android apps.

Getting set up to use AppInventor

Building your first app

Video tutorials for three starter apps

Text to speech app tutorial

Magic 8 Ball 
App Tutorial

Whack-a-mole app tutorial

Drawing app tutorial

See more tutorial choices

For more options, check out MobileCSP or the Technovation challenge curriculum!

Thunkable is still in beta, but can be used to make both Android and iOS apps.

Android Hour of Code tutorial

Beginner Android tutorials

Intermediate Android tutorials

Advanced Android Tutorials

iOS Hour of Code tutorial

Beginner iOS tutorials

Documentation (iOS and Android)'s App Lab creates Javascript apps you can test on any mobile device.

Intro Tutorial

Remix a starter project

Adventure story app

Singing Head App

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