Create a Game

These tutorials are listed (roughly) in order of difficulty (but feel free to try anything you think looks interesting!).

If you're new to coding but want to make games, try one of these activities!

Create a Flappy game

Build a sports game

Make a Star Wars Game

Design a Play Lab game

Getting Started

Hack a big game

Scratch is an awesome tool for making games - there are lots of tutorials and it's easy to share your game with other people! You can try the "getting started" tutorial and then make up your own games, or jump into one of the other tutorials. You can also explore (and remix!) games made by other users.

Create a Pong Game

Create a Racing Game

Create a Dressup Game

More from Scratch site

Ghosthunter Game

Exploring rooms game

More text tutorials

Video tutorials

One more thing: the Scratch Wiki has TONS of information, mini-tutorials, and ideas written by other Scratchers. It's a GREAT source for specific topics or questions like, "How do I make a character jump?" or "How would I create a platformer?"

Here are some other tools we like for making games. The top row is tools primarily in 2D; the bottom row is tools for making 3D games. To learn how to use them, try searching YouTube for tutorials, or as a mentor for recommendations!

Construct 3


Python games

More Python games




See more options

If you're interested in making mobile games, check out the page on creating apps!