Is this for me?

Coders: if you're between 6 and 17 and interested in expressing your creative side, then...yes! You don't need any programming experience or even typing skills to get started, and we can lend you a computer if you need one. Note, though, that if you're under 13, an adult responsible for you needs to stay onsite at Arcadia (but whether you stay next to each other is up to the two of you!). If you're 6 or 7, we ask that you bring an adult partner to sit with you (but it's okay if they're new to programming too!).


Mentors: if you have programming experience in any language or are willing to invest a little time before you start, we'd love to have you volunteer with us. Experience with young people is a plus but not required - you just need to be patient and encouraging

How are events structured?

Each meeting starts with a welcome and short community-builder of some sort; expect to introduce yourself and meet at least one other person. We split into groups and spend the bulk of our time programming, then reconvene to show off what we've created.


As for programming time, it's not a class: there are no assignments, no grades, and likely no formal lessons. Mentors are on hand to help and can steer you toward a tutorial if you like, but ultimately it's all about coders taking the wheel and discovering for themselves!


What languages are you using?

We currently have official groups working on a couple of different things:

Scratcha great language for new coders of all ages to make games, stories, and animations, all without having to type.

AppInventora more advanced block-based interface used for making Android apps.

Pythonan industry-standard language we're using for making web applications and quizzes, creating games, and solving math problems, among other things

Javascriptanother industry-standard language we're currently using primarily to hack open-source web games and with PlayCanvas

Working with one of our Raspberry Pi kits to learn about hardware and circuitry

We've also got an Ozobot and a Bluebot you're welcome to play with, if adorable robots sound more your speed. If you're into something that's not listed here, though, don't let that stop you. In the past we've supported coders who wanted to learn C++ and Arduino - we'll work with you if you let us know what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

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