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Hacks and Pranks

Ready to make some mischief? Try some of these things!

Use the way computers fix errors to make someone think you can read their mind!
(No devices necessary)

Hack a Scratch version of Flappy Bird to make the classic game less frustrating!

CodeCraft is a project that lets you hack a 2D version of Minecraft. It's also a fun way to try Python!

Creating fake error messages is both a fun trick to play and a great way to try coding by typing instead of blocks! Take a look... 

Did you know you can look at and mess with the code on any website? Check it out!

Use Javascript to edit the code that runs Mario!

Learn how to encrypt and decrypt messages! (Ask Eileen to add your name)

Making a prank app is a great way to dip your toes in mobile app development!

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