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Got the basics down? Try one of these as a next step.

Python is a language that is easy to read but used by professional developers. Try one of these fun activities for starting with Python: the first two use blocks, the next two are somewhere in between, and the bottom row is all text-based.

Code an artist to draw pictures

Tell jokes set in outer space

Hack a 2D Minecraft- like game in Python

Tell a story about a dream...

Learn Python by giving directions to a turtle!

Other Python tutorials from Trinket

Teach a Computer

to Count

See other tutorials from RPi projects

Ready for more? Try this book about games!


HTML and CSS are the core languages used to build websites. If web design is something you're interested in, that can be a good next step! The top row is short projects; the bottom row is links to longer courses.

Note that for most tools you'll need to make an account.

Web for good: build a birdwatch site!


SoloLearn (will work on mobile!)


CodeHS: Hour of Web Design


Code Club: a sequence of fun projects to try!

codeclub.PNG - videos and exercises


codecademy - reading and exercises


Khan Academy - videos and challenges


Lighthouse Labs - reading and exercises


Free Code Camp - reading and projects


Wait, where is the old version of this page?

Everything from that page will make its way to this one soon. For now, you can still see the old one here

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