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Let's code!

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Coding at Home
Top row: robotics; bottom row: tablet-friendly options












Looking for other options? Click a category below for LOTS more tutorials and project ideas:

Virtual Beebot

The cutest robot goes digital! Small fingers can do simple coding on any device:


Vex VR

Use Scratch-like blocks to program a virtual robot - runs on any device!


Virtual EV3

Program a virtual Lego EV3 robot. Lots of content, but only for computers.


EV3 MakeCode

Code Lego EV3 in blocks or Javascript. Has a partial online simulator.


Fun with

Any of these Hour of Code activities can run on any device. Our faves:

Dig into Scratch

Scratch runs on any device! Click, then scroll down to see tutorial suggestions:


Bridge into Python

If you're ready to move beyond blocks, Codesters is a great tool - on any device!


Construct Games

Construct 3 is a game engine that runs in a browser on any device. Make games!


Here you'll find simple introductions for newer readers and/or smaller fingers.

If you've got an idea in mind but need the tools to do it, try this path! There are suggestions for creating games, animations, music, apps, and more!

Need something that can run on a tablet? Suggestions to install on your own computer? Got a Raspberry Pi for your birthday? Look no further!


Not sure what you want to do? Here are resources sorted by how familiar you are with coding - take a look!

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