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Let's code!

Use this guide to help you find coding resources!

Not sure where to start, or having trouble finding something interesting? Ask a mentor!

Music and Math Projects

Listen to or visualize pi, or try one of these:





Looking for other options? Click a category below for LOTS more tutorials and project ideas:

Birthday Song

Here's the start of the birthday song in Scratch - code the rest, and add on!


Scratch Band

Code your own band! Try the online tutorial, printable cards, or teacher guide.


CodeHS Course

Dig deep with this 10-hour course about coding & music! (requires free account)



Code music in your web browser with Javascript or Python!


Scratch Fractals

Learn about recursion by coding a fractal drawer.
(Too hard? Try this instead!)


Number Guesser

Try Python with this tutorial for creating a game that can guess a number!


Hour of Code - Pi

Got Java experience? Use it to explore how digits of pi affect calculations.


Math Puzzles

Project Euler: hundreds of math problems you can solve in any coding language!


Here you'll find simple introductions for newer readers and/or smaller fingers.

If you've got an idea in mind but need the tools to do it, try this path! There are suggestions for creating games, animations, music, apps, and more!

Need something that can run on a tablet? Suggestions to install on your own computer? Got a Raspberry Pi for your birthday? Look no further!

Not sure what you want to do? Here are resources sorted by how familiar you are with coding - take a look!

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