If you've got some serious coding experience and are ready to take on a new challenge, try some of these: further develop your typing-language skills either with a course, or with a set of puzzles to solve! (There are also a set of asset editors at the bottom)

Extended Courses for Typing Languages

Note that for most of these, you'll need to create an account to save your progress.

Dig into Javascript, Python, Lua, or Coffeescript by fighting battles!
Interactive C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Github, C++, and web courses!
Free Code Camp
Learn front and back end development of web apps through interactive tutorials.
Flatiron School
Learn Javascript and Ruby on Rails with interactive tutorials!
Invent with Python
Make games, automate life, or hack stuff with a free e-book!
Make music!
Learn to live code beats and tunes with Sonic Pi! (requires download)
Animate with Javascript
Want to learn Javascript and/or how to make art? Try this Khan Academy course!
Learn Lua with Minecraft
Here's a whole awesome book on using coding in Minecraft! You'll need a computer with Minecraft installed.
Lighthouse Tutorials
Learn HTML/CSS, Javascript, Swift, or Python with one of these courses!
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Puzzles to solve

Whether you're looking for a challenge in a language you already know, or you need a way to learn a new language, solving puzzles can be a great way to go! Here are some puzzles you can tackle in any language.

Codecademy Weekly Challenge
Try some technical interview challenges: easy, medium, and hard difficulties!
Project Euler
Compete against your friends with challenges you can solve in any language!
Rosetta Code
Help create examples of specific programs in different languages!
Solve puzzles in your choice of languages (less tutorial, more self-taught through research).
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Tools for Editing Images/Models

When you're creating your own projects, you need to be able to make assets. Here are some of our favorite free tools!

Another free, in-browser photo editor.
In-browser image editor - great for removing backgrounds or combining pictures!
Remove Image Backgrounds
Here's a quick and easy tutorial for using Pixlr to turn images into useful characters!
Sculpt 3D models in your web browser!
VERY powerful 3D model editor (has to be downloaded)
Pixel Art and Sprites
Piskel is a free, in-browser tool for creating animated sprites and other pixel art.
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