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Here are several different options for different platforms and levels of coding experience. There are pros and cons to each - if you're not sure which one would work best for you, just ask! AppLab
Create a web app you can test on an Android or iOS device!
Create a downloadable Android app!
Build iOS apps in browser
Thunkable makes blocks-based, in-browser iOS apps possible! Try it!
Building your first Android App
Official tutorial from Android - recommended for coders with some experience.
Your First Android App
Another option for getting started with Android -
assumes no knowledge.
Android Development Videos
If learning from videos rather than written tutorials is your style, check out Android Development for Absolute Beginners!
Udacity iOS/Swift Intro
Create your first iOS app with a free course!
App Development with Swift
Long and intense course through Apple Education. Not for the faint of heart.
Create VR apps
Use Unity plus Android studio to create a simple virtual environment - no experience needed!
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