If you've got some experience coding with blocks, here are some good next steps: advanced blocks, or beginning typing.

Things with Blocks that Aren't Scratch

Lots of other languages use blocks - try one of these!

Gamefroot: Advanced Games
Ready to make bigger games than you could with Scratch? Try this!
Stencyl: Advanced Games
Another tool for bigger games; still uses blocks. (requires download)
Create worlds with Alice
Switch between blocks and text to create a 3D world! (requires download)
Bridge your way from Scratch to Python!
Pencil Code
Switch back and forth between blocks and text!
Create a downloadable Android app! AppLab
Create a web app you can test on an Android or iOS device!
Beetle Blocks
Scratch-like blocks let you code in 3D!
3D Model with BlocksCAD
Another awesome tool for using code to make 3D objects.
Try Snap!
Advance your skills with Scratch's more powerful cousin, Snap!
Code with GP Blocks
Scratch-like language especially good at making image filters and editing sounds.
Ozobot doesn't JUST follow paths on paper - you can also program it with blocks!
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Quick Tutorials for Typing Languages

Typing code rather than using blocks can be challenging, but here are an assortment of ways to try it:

Create 3D Worlds
Use Javascript to create space ship simulations!
JavaScript Art
Get a taste of JavaScript by coding colors and drawings!
Code a character
Use HTML/CSS/Javascript to create an avatar!
Build a Chatbot
Use Python to program a conversation!
Holiday Cards
Try Python by building a card to send to friends!
Learn how to encode and decode secret messages in Python!
Digital postcard
Use HTML and CSS to create a postcard to share!
Make a web page
Try HTML and CSS to build a website!
Intro to Databases
Get a taste of how we keep track of data with SQL!
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